I have decided to make millionaires out of at least three (3) people.


What triggered this whole idea of making some people (at least three) a MILLIONAIRE, is that I bumped into a man at my local coffee shop (December 11, 2013 - prior to winning the lottery jackpot), and he was pleasant..but appeared to be just a blue collar worker for a local utility company.


He appeared to need a shave...and I thought, "This poor soul probably has a family - maybe a couple of kids. It's cold outside, and he has to work in this weather to support his wife and kids....wouldn't it be nice if I surprised him with a check for ONE MILLION DOLLARS?"

So, I will carry my camera with me wherever I malls, grocery stores...gas shops, and I will randomly choose out someone who the good Lord places before me, and I will get a "vibe" that it is the right person to do this for.


In all cases, I will take their photo, do a quick video (or see if I can get a local TV station to do it) - get them to sign a release that I can use the picture and/or video, and post it on the UPDATE on my website at



The second  - From



This person will be found by me as I volunteer to work in a soup kitchen, or a church that volunteers to feed the poor and the homeless. I may find that person at a battered woman's shelter...who knows? I will observe them for awhile....and then The Samuel Fund, LLC will issue the three checks.  One for a  take home of $700,000 to buy whatever they like. The second check will be written to the IRS to pay the taxes for that individual of 25% or $250,000.  The third check will be issued to their home state - 5% or $50,000.  Those are the figures the lottery uses to deduct and pay the taxes for lottery winners.

This person will likely be a volunteer, or - in the case of a battered woman....the woman herself. I won't be handing a MILLION DOLLARS to a homeless person because I think it would become a curse to them, and it would be would that recipient.

So - stay tuned to and follow along with the stories that unfold, and watch people become an instant millionaire with me.  Who knows - maybe I'll show up on one of those reality TV shows some day!




I will randomly choose a receipt from the sales of this book!

Paypal sends me the contact information for each person who buys my book.

From those, I will randomly pick one name and their contact information will be with their receipt sent to me by PayPal..

I will then contact that person and arrange to take our photo together (or do a video of that encounter) of me handing them an enlarged check for ONE MILLION DOLLARS - from the Samuel Fund, LLC.

(They will actually receive three legitimate for $700,000 to them - one payable to the IRS for $250,000 (25%) and the other payable to the recipient's home state treasurer for $50,000 (5%). This is so the recipient won't be stuck with a huge, unexpected tax bill.